ArThrough Workshops®


“ArThrough is for people in any field, who want to get in touch and strengthen their own creative powers” 

ArThrough provides a safe space for the ego to disappear and for art to appear. To immerse yourself in a reflection within the heart, where mind and self are fully present and nothing else exists. It’s an invitation to become what you are doing, to tell a story and communicate with other levels of consciousness through gestures, while using the non-dominant hand, the eyes closed and total detachment of the result.

“Challenge what you are ready to let go Through Art.”

ArThrough is an art project piece in construction, a space in constant development, where movement and unique creative expression take place every time it opens. A space where people are invited to explore and experience a glimpse of the unknown, the unexpected; to use art as a monologue, as a mirror; where chaos is a creator source, the force of the Muse is invited and the child within takes over.

Through Claudia’s newest project you’ll start your own conversation within your body, eyes closed, using only black and white before yielding to color as you move into artistic surrender. It’s through this process that you can give a voice to that which cannot be articulated. You can let go of resistance, let go of control, let go of an expectation or attachment to an end result and allow life to surprise you with its infinite wisdom.

Claudia facilitates ArThrough workshops, individual sessions as well as coaching for couples, families, and groups, where the body is a message board and the art becomes its voice.

In each of these unique sessions, Claudia opens the opportunity to work with what is present and dissolve personal blocks that are holding you back from what you deeply desire and must heal by letting go of these untruths and creating from where they sit in the body.

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen” …Rumi



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