Alison Trope


I attended Claudia’s workshop while I was in the midst of chemotherapy for breast cancer. I thought it would be a fun distraction, but was not expecting much beyond that.  I came in feeling low energy and on the verge of tears, but as we went through the process of visualizing and painting, I ultimately felt as though I had overcome obstacles and discovered a safer, quieter place in my mind. The workshop was a truly transformative and expansive experience. It may have been physically and mentally exhausting for me in the moment, but it was also immensely therapeutic, raw and cleansing. I will forever look back and be thankful for that day and for Claudia’s guidance.

Heather Heraeus

I have had the honor of participating in a number of Claudia’s Gestural Art Workshops. Each workshop is a profound experience for me, fostering unique healing, opening and personal development. Claudia’s warm, inviting, non-judgmental character creates a space (physical and psychological) to explore oneself in deeper and to dig into levels that may be uncomfortable or seemingly inaccessible in traditional therapeutic settings. I am not a “artist” and would characterize myself as a deeply feeling person who dwells in the rational and reality. Claudia’s workshops have enabled me to be more open to and expressive of the existing levels of feelings that I tend to hold within. During her workshops I have explored and experienced a vast range of feelings including (but not limited to!); freedom, jubilation, letting go, acceptance, warmth, self-love, forgiveness, release, love, abundance, risk, discomfort, self judgments, fear, passion, exhaustion, energy, self-doubt, confidence. Claudia’s workshops have enabled me to enter a depth of personal growth and healing that I have not experienced in my life up to this point. I am grateful for Claudia’s warm, healing spirit and her powerful workshops.

Claudia Flores

My experience with “gestural art workshop” keeps moving in All directions. Colors articulate the depth of a magical dream, of a passionate poem, of an ever evolving love affair with life. Thanks Claudia for this sacred space of play.
Con amor
Gracias siempre

Anne-Marie Cappellano

I had a blast in Claudia’s workshop — a color blast!
I’m not a painter, but I had so much fun and painted such beautiful paintings. I also had an amazing check-in with my inner child, who had so much to express! Think of free form writing only it’s painting with your hands or sponges or brushes — but with your eyes closed. Yet unlike free form writing, you will want to keep these paintings and show them off with pride. It’s an amazing, deep, fun workshop. Try it!

Erica Greene

“My workshop with Claudia was such a fabulous surprise. I went in having no idea what to expect and it was interesting and eye opening (or closing!) and delightful. She has such an inviting and open spirit and her energy is contagious. We spent three hours painting and it flew by. Definitely an outside the box experience and so worth it. I highly recommend giving it a try.”

Mariana Ramirez

La oportunidad de tener un espacio para expresarte artísticamente fue increíble. La forma en la que Claudia dio guía al trabajo, sin juicio y sin presión logro que me sintiera libre y abierta para expresar y luego interpretar.
Recomiendo este taller mucho tanto a adultos como a niños. Es interesante y divertido!
” The opportunity to have an space to express artistically was incredible. The way Claudia guided the work, without judgement or pressure allowed me to feel free and open to express and then interpret.
I recommend this workshop for adults and kids, It’s interesting and fun.”

Adriana Barrera DDS


I have participated in two Gestural Art workshops and I will do it for sure many more times.
It is a completely different experience!!!
I did not need to be an artist or to have any previous experience, everything flowed once I started painting. I felt that I relieved all my inner emotions and at the same time explored my unconscious self.
After the initial meditation and during the whole session I felt connected with God and with my spiritual being and I was able to discover my creative side and express my self inside out.
Black and white or a mix of colors create unique pieces of art that come from deep inside, I can tell I painted guided by my soul!!!
Thank you Claudia for such an amazing and unforgettable experience!!!

Leigh Merrihew

What an amazing workshop, and I highly recommend it to anyone. Like many of us, I did painted through high school and early college years, but eventually stopped doing for all the usual reasons – time, family, work, etc. I was nervous going back into the studio – it had been so long. Would the paints and brushes still remember me as a friend? While I fumbled to get oriented, Claudia was kind and encouraging. She reminded me that artistic expression is completely natural for us all [cave paintings and symbols may have been around before speech] and helped me to relax with gestures and stretches. I got the sense that the process was perhaps more important than the product, and we even worked with closed eyes!
I felt relaxed and inspired the whole time, a combination that is rare to find. Because the design of the workshops is so flexible, you can come once or as many times – there is no commitment, only expression. I went alone, but have heard of couples going together, and mothers and daughters. Next time I’d like to bring a friend so we could have the experience together. I strongly encourage these events, as one might recommend a massage or a trip to the spa. We have a necessary need to express ourselves, and through this workshop I found that I can let go and relax, be free, and also energized.

Maite Heydarkhan

My experience at the workshop was amazing. Claudia guides us in a way that we can really connect with our inner self. I found out few things about my self that were repeatedly showing in my drawings. The final painting was just full expression. So emotional and powerful. When I finished, I felt I had discovered something that was coming to the surface in a very natural way. There were no expectation and no painting techniques or anything like that, it is much deeper than that. Just letting your self go and flow. I loved it.