09 Feb ArThrough – GESTURAL Project



I’m happy to present The Gestural Project.

Where I share my 20 years of experience finding myself and my Path Through Art and Life.

The project was born in 2013, during the second year of My Masters on Spiritual Psychology, at the University of Santa Monica, where I was able to incorporate to my Art journey the principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology, moving my Art experience to a new level. At this point I was able to attune to my Entelechy and understand my path with moments in life that were pivotal steps to be where I am now. Since then it’s been a road of experimenting and growth! As Elizabeth Gilbert points out, where the ideas are around and get the person ready for them. This project was ready to be born and I was there ready for it. My journey through Art has been one of preparation. It’s been an amazing challenge of doing things I never thought possible for me, like teaching or hosting workshops, or writing about it, plus all in English! The information has been miraculously revealed to me, step by step through experimenting. The more I step into, the more I learn about the project! One of my first liberating lessons was accepting that the project has its own life; it’s beyond me and it works despite me or my insecurities, my availability to speech in public and so forth. Instead it has been giving me the strength to move into those threatening areas and the more I explore them, the better expansion I create in my life. Other huge learning has been that teaching and sharing my experience is the way I learn the most about myself, my Entelechy, my path and about the project itself. It has been giving me the opportunity to overcome the self -imposed blocks, freeing myself and allowing me to step into my dreams and into what I am capable of, way more than what I thought when hiding inside of many layers in my body.

As part of my Book “GESTURAL ART”, The research started with “Conversations with my body”, a series of thirteen paintings giving a voice to each part of my Body using Gestures, based on the technique I have been working with for the last 20 years: automatic painting and drawing, the nondominant hand and blindfolded, after connecting through meditation and an intention and incorporating the practices of Spiritual Psychology. What happened during the process was revealing to me. As I was expecting to have Master pieces, instead I didn’t like many of them, I almost rejected them. Here comes other important learning, if I didn’t like a piece, maybe it had underline information for me and that’s what happened. I found the most profound healing memories experience at the level of the cell. With each piece I started a Gestalt process, a conversation with each painting that let me to memories and information I almost have forgotten. Each painting had a story with symbols that brought the story to the surface, opening an inner dialogue and discovery. The forms were characters in play with a message representing parts and roles in my life. As I came to understand those parts inside, I was able to give them a space of expansion, nurture and heal them. Here is where I powerfully experienced The Body as a Messenger board and the importance to listen to it.

After the impact of this experiment in my life, I was ready to share it and started hosting Workshops, expanding my comfort zone while enriching myself as an Artist and as a person. The process prepared me to take action, and with ease and grace I released 65 pounds of layers in my Body. Layers that were hiding memories, illusion of protection, insecurities, attachment to stories, limiting believes and self-imposed limitations, opening a huge momentum to my present. I am present, growing in myself, as an Artist, owning my body and thriving!

Claudia Concha ArThrough

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

Maya Angelou.

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